what is enough for you?

Natalie Maria Blardony York
1 min readDec 16, 2021

Am I broken enough? What does enough look like to you? How many years of suffocation do you need so I can qualify for a love like yours?

I don’t want to keep breaking but I don’t see any other way out. I don’t see any other choice — just this one.

Your whispers come at different hours each day, it’s hard to predict when I’ll see you next but I know that each time you come to me, it’ll be the same.

“Is this enough?” “You’re so close.”

“How close?”

“Why did you stop? You’re almost there.”

“Almost there?” “Almost there.”

I’m tired of almost and coming so close. I’m tired of falling and failing and losing all these parts of myself you told me can’t come. You said I’d be better off without them but it’s hard not to feel cold when the wind is pushing me around like this.

It’s hard not to feel empty when I see them all laughing.

I hope you’re not lying and when we reach the end of this road we’ve been on for god knows how long, I find the solace you promised.