what someone should’ve told you

Natalie Maria Blardony York
1 min readJun 11, 2021


Little Nat

If I could sit down with a version of my younger self, I would hold her little hands and tell her to breathe.

Tell her that the dreams you get of the girls you don’t know doesn’t mean you’re doomed to end up somewhere unspeakable.

It doesn’t mean you have to shut that part of yourself away until it becomes impossible to ignore.

What makes you feel so alone in this world is what will eventually allow you the privilege of being apart of a community that has nothing but love to give. They will show you what love is and you will learn to swim through everything that’s trying to pull you under.

You will get to march in a Pride parade and celebrate the life you have made with her.

You will get the happiness you think you don’t deserve because of who you are.

You will get the love you think you don’t deserve, from her, but more importantly, from yourself.

Happy Pride, little Nat — just hold on a little bit longer.